What is LE and why?

Love Entrepreneurs is a community designed to support, mentor and above all inspire entrepreneurs from all walks of life to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. It was founded by two people who have made business building their passion and who have come together to help other entrepreneurs share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they can be supported and nurtured to become better and more effective entrepreneurs. The only requirement for membership is a desire to be an entrepreneur and to help others become better entrepreneurs.

We believe that creativity is based upon competitive advantage and that the key to successful business building is innovation and not improvement. Learning to think differently and being willing and sufficiently open-minded to break down the barriers of “hand me down thinking”.

The journey of being an entrepreneur is often a lonely one; but should you care to join us you will never be alone again. You will have access to a vibrant online and meeting-based community, keen, ready and willing to support you at every step of your journey, as well as provide you with practical, focused, solution-based ideas to business build and overcome your problems in a constructive, cost-effective and purposive manner.

In short, Love Entrepreneurs is about Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Things and making the impossible possible. Whether you are a small or large business we believe that the power of working with other like-minded individuals, facilitating the promotion of your business to similar businesses and encouraging you to collaborate to gain competitive advantage

Love Entrepreneurs

Love Entrepreneurs was co-founded by Yvonne Bignall and Eleri Cosslett. Both are serial entrepreneurs having an enviable track record spanning small and large businesses. They have experienced and learned from both success and failure and are dedicated to helping early year businesses use innovation to get started, achieve competitive edge and grow.

Eleri Cosslett


Eleri’s passion is the creation of something from nothing and the challenges that go along with that. By profession, she is a highly proficient international oil and gas lawyer, is fluent in 5 languages with a diversity of business building skills, legal and negotiating skills and sales & marketing experience spanning 15 years. She spent seven years working in international law in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Kirgizstan and was the legal adviser to the British Ambassador to Kazakhstan for a long time, five years spent in international sales focusing on selling and developing land, two years developing a private equity boutique lending and wealth management business and fourteen years building a property portfolio. During this time, a wealth of marketing skills, business acumen and sales skills both face to face and over the telephone have been employed both by negotiating international oil and gas deals and conducting arbitrations and also by setting up International Property Finders (IPF) – a highly successful business focusing on the sale and development of foreign property and ex EU land to the UK and European Investor market. Negotiations and sales have been conducted in a number of foreign languages including Russian, German and French.

Mark Neild


I make innovation simple for SMEs. Why? Because to many, innovation is a series of clichés, misinformation and fluffy workshops delivering no benefit. Yet it drives the fastest growing companies. I want to help ambitious businesses achieve similar success.

I have delivered better products, processes and business models for 25 years, starting as a Royal Navy Flying Instructor by running the course 25% quicker. Launching interactive TV for ntl (now Virgin Media) was an eye opener, spawning Europe’s first online billing platform. 13 years of consulting followed, delivering over £1/2bn in benefits for clients like Orange, Venture Capitalists, Ministry of Defence and Nokia Networks (the bit that is still thriving).

In the last 6 years, I have left corporate life behind (hurrah!) and now run agileering Ltd – an innovation consulting firm with clients including the University of Bristol Centre for Innovation and the Mayor of London as well as many smaller firms. My non-profit, Grow Inspires, delvers social inclusion through entrepreneurship and develops innovation skills in aspiring leaders. I am an award-winning mentor and author of Innovate your way to Extraordinary.

I love being a part of Love Entrepreneurs. Helping people achieve more of their potential is immensely rewarding.

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