Fitness Regiment

Fitness Regiment

Who We Are

We organised our Big Fix in our gym and some fifty people turned up to cheer us on. We were really over-whelmed, so much love, so much energy and so much positivity filled our gym whereas before it had begun to feel like hard labour without the Soviet back drop. We got so many ideas which we just couldn’t believe and guess what, we hadn’t had to employ some suited and booted expensive consultant.

What Happened

To feel supported and part of a bigger community meant a lot to us, it meant that we were no longer alone. It meant that we could begin to look at resolving our issues by referencing others and learning from others’ problems and listening to them. Yes, we needed a bit of the Miss Whiplash approach to get us to implement things but we were heartened to learn that post Fix there was after care support – there is life after death we thought. We were issued, military style with a Big Fix Post Completion Sheet, which we were to commit to deliver and put into action by a certain milestone key date. This really made all the difference.

<p>Most definitely. Now for the sad bit; we decided around a year later to close the gym. But, you know, that was ok too, because we had learnt to identify and address when we needed to draw the line, something which had we not engaged with Love Entreprenerus we would not have done. I was about to re-mortgage my house for the second time and being able to identify with clarity our strengths and weaknesses was very important to us. So, although the gym is no longer, we learnt and were able to engage with others which has now resulted in my brother doing his own thing in the fitness world a la Joe Wickes and me returning temporarily to law. Whilst there I am busy contemplating my entrepreneurial future and may indeed do something connected with law but in a creative fashion. </p> <p>We both continue today to be members of Love Entrepreneurs because it inspires us and reminds us that the only real failure in life is that of giving up AND WE ARE CERTAINLY NOT OF THAT ILK.</p>