What Knot

What Knot

Who We Are

Just Right Products UK & Europe Ltd has a game changing and very disruptive product that we have called the What Knot. After 4000 years of rope use, the What Knot radically changes the way anybody can work with rope. The What Knot enables people to use rope that they would never before be able too, unless they learnt the skill of tying knots. Using the What Knot, rope from 3-15mm can be tied and untied in less than 6 seconds. It also works on cloth, chain and electric cable. We wanted suggestions on how to get over a message of safety in a way that is listened to and understood, along with the many benefits to using our product in place of existing ones.

What Happened

Many suggestions and ways to get over the issues involved.

I did in more ways than just the discussion around my fix. Continually going gives you an insight into many other common business issues and ways around those can still be of great use to you in your own business.

It was a very useful experience to be a part of but you must have an open mind to take in whatever comes at you. To be willing to also be open about issues you have that may need help to overcome. Those doing the talking can sometimes be the ones that could help, with connections or abilities.

I did find it useful in as much as it gave me an insight into what people didn’t understand about the What Knot and what people did understand. It can be helpful to hear what others don’t say as much as what they do.

I would say we have moved forward with a couple of suggestions and although nothing concrete came of them it’s all potential.

Happy to do another Fix as everybody has problems that crop up from time to time. If you want honest supportive people around to talk too then it’s a good place to speak about them.

I have recommended to others and some may come, but I will keep doing so.

The benefits are many but don’t purely reside around your Fix. Go often and join in with helping others, that is where the true benefits are. Seeing and coming up with possible solutions to others problems gives you an insight into many more of your own. Or may mean you don’t get them to start with.