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Ilona Design

Who We Are

Ilona Designs is a specialist Branding, Marketing, Copy-Writing and Web Design Service. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, sophisticated and artful designs visually stimulating and impactful for the discerning business. In particular, we help small to medium businesses take their brand from mediocre to magnificent with awesome branding and marketing savvy! However, we wanted to explore the possibilities of creating more passive income streams with little or limited input. I quite like the idea of travelling and working from different locations abroad but at the same time being able to be in touch with my client base and business.

What Happened

Totally, and without hesitation I do and always will.

<p>I was challenged certainly as this involved me having to take a good, long and hard look at my business and indeed my own branding. There is a lot of competition out there and I needed to learn about my competitive edge and how innovation is the key to growth and not possibly improvement.</p> <p>We have a wide base of great corporate clients who invest heavily in brand creation, our speciality but with so many internet based offerings and logo design services popping up everywhere for minimal cost we felt that we needed to get out there and explore our options.</p> <p>The suggestions made in the Big Fix have been great. The members came up with an idea to provide a cheaper and directly downloadable service which clients for which clients could just pay as you go for. We could expand this to a stationery and business card service branching out to Facebook ad Twitter Social Media banners too also encompassing the brand. This would create immediate, affordable and progressive passive income. It would also mean that some of those pay as you go customers could also, as their business grows become branding clients and we could look at their marketing solutions going forward.</p> <p>Teaching: one thing that stood out clearly was that we had developed a skill which we could teach others how to master what we had learnt. This is something we could do via video which we should do and are doing. In fact, we have started with doing a Love Entrepreneurs Big Gig Tutorial which is a huge opportunity for us to demonstrate our wares to other clients and those who are interested in bringing their businesses into the 21st century.</p>

<p>Most definitely. We were also rather surprised, as we hadn’t even thought about providing a cheaper click and drop service. We were sort of stuck in this retrogressive groove where we were too immersed in the business as opposed to running it. When that happens, groups like this are invaluable because they hand us back a level of perspective in life which we often forget about. </p> <p>The experience certainly stretched my ideas of what I can do with my business. I have already implemented smaller packages for businesses with smaller budgets, and I've concentrated more on becoming the teacher. To date there has been no take up on the smaller business packages but it is early days yet and through networking I will get there. I have some training and workshops booked in for later in the year and I am holding a joint webinar in the coming months.</p>