Blitz Your Business Model Pump up the profit from your products

Ever wondered why some people sell seemingly inferior products for more money? - In this action orientated one day workshop we explore 5 easy to implement ways to make more money for less effort. The way you package your offer has much more impact on profits than your underlying products and services. The Business model Blitz will help you:

Find more of your favourite customers. How would like all your customers to be just like your favourites? You will discover why you like your best customers and how to find and attract more like them.

Catapult your conversions. Are you making the most from your marketing? Pimp your proposition and challenge your channels to bring in more customers for less money.

Pick Perfect Partners. Are you stretching yourself too far? The right partners are glad to help you because it helps them at the same time. Our Innovation Partnering model will show you how.

Score more spare time. Are you working too hard? Templating your processes lets you cut out the boring repetition that wastes lots of time.

Double Dip your sales. Imagine getting paid by 2 different customers for the same work. A double-sided business model lets you do just that. It is not for everybody but we will show you how it works.

£95 per person inc lunch 10am-4pm. 10-15 people ideal.