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As part of your Entrepreneur membership of Love Entrepreneurs, you will enjoy access to a full and comprehensive range of legal precedents. You can email enquiries@mcguiremitchell.com and one will be dispatched to you within 24 hours. McGuire Mitchell will check and amend documents at their hourly rate of £50 per hour or a mutually agreed flat fee. You can ask a myriad legal questions on the closed Facebook website to give you a general steer and general advice. This will be part of the members portal

Legal Experience

Litigation is a risky space where right frequently gives way to might. Lawyers thrive on its complexity and pitfalls - it props up the exorbitant fees they charge. McGuire Mitchell's vision is to champion the little guy by offering affordable, commercial and entrepreneurial advice and protection. We minimise your outlay by helping you do as much as you can. That way you only pay for the advice, coaching and representation you really need. Hourly rates never exceed £50 per hour, and if we don't win you don't pay. Future proof your business in a business-like way. Don't compromise on protection when you can compromise on cost.

Can you risk having unclear terms?

In the absence of proper agreements, you default to 'common law'. This means that a court will interpret your dealings and interactions based on the most persuasive evidence from each side. This of course has its costs. To avoid the cost and risk that the other party marshals a more persuasive argument, spend time on setting out terms and conditions clearly. You can access many legal documents online, but £ or less to have them checked to ensure they do what you need them to, is a worthwhile investment especially as the law is constantly changing.

Common business and corporate mistakes: the consequence of businesses who do not bother with terms and conditions, shareholders agreements and directors' service agreements.

Often Companies think it is too expensive to hire lawyers to prepare proper documents or rely on standard proformas from company formations firm. They do this at their peril. Case law from small businesses who have not bothered with the basics changes people's lives. Facebook recently faced a $100M legal battle simply because one party thought their contribution was worth more than another and there was no shareholders' agreement. We at McGuire Mitchell seek to dispel that thought. We charge a fixed contract fee, or we allow you to do some of it yourself and we will complete the rest.

A Recent Example

Nick, a fellow entrepreneur and Search Engine Optimization specialist is a super bright technical guy. His business partner is a reputed Google analytics expert. Nick is energetic and keen to get things moving apace and doing things properly. His partner, sadly isn't the same, preferring to trade on his market reputation. They fall out constantly. Both are suspicious that the other is not doing enough business building, marketing and farming clients and what if one heads off abroad for an unreasonably long holiday? Obviously, these can all be resolved in court, however, at a cost.

A proper partnership and directors' remuneration agreement could prevent them falling out. Such agreements preclude these arguments; acting as company rule book and surfacing issues before they become a problem.