Silver Bullets intensive Zero in on a few key things to make your work easier

As part of the membership offer when you join Love Entrepreneurs, this one-hour intensive diagnostic discussion will identify areas in your business that need attention. You can probably identify frustrations and sticking points, but if you knew how to resolve them you would already have done so. Silver Bullets are highly targeted actions to make your business run better, which typically give you:

More time. Is your business consuming far more time than you want it to? We will explore the root causes and what can be done to gain more time.

More money. Are you earning as much as your skills merit? If not, the chances are that your business model or cash management are not working as well as they could.

Better team. "Can't get the staff?" A common frustration for entrepreneurs so we explore different options to get the team working better.

Free for new members of Love Entrepreneurs.