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Great features, great network!

The Big Fix

Come and get fixed: your opportunity to test any business idea that you have in front of a willing, supportive and knowledgeable audience……

Entrepreneurship Programme

Either take on our entire mastermind programme on a taught basis or just download individual taught courses enabling you to digest them in bit-sized chunks.

Investors Portal

Any investor interested in joining Love Entrepreneurs will be warmly welcomed. This is a wonderful way for you to get to know the community as well as find out first hand who is seeking investment.


There are numerous benefits of joining.

LE Legal

Access legal precedents galore making your life ever-easier and if you need it, seek that additional bit of extra legal support at affordable prices.

LE Accountancy

Forward-thinking, proactive practice specializing in providing low-cost, purposeful on point accountancy advice at very reasonable prices.

Add some fizz to your business!

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Highly Recommended

99% of our customers recommend us!

"Our Big Fix made all the struggles we've been going through seem worth it. The encouragement and positive feedback and suggestions were amazing and we look forward to implementing them and seeing results asap!"

Gareth Wilson Gareth Wilson / Fitness Expert

"I thought that I had all the ideas for my business growth; brainstorming with like-minded people has given me so many new dimensions that I feel rejuvenated and excited about the future. Love Entrepreneurs is really brilliant and has been life changing. Long may it continue..."

Dino Caidominicis Dino Caidominici / Tutto Wholesale

"Working with other entrepreneurs and discussing real problems is just a better way of learning for me."

Louisa Wheeler Louisa Wheeler / Ilona Designs