12 Step Signature Entrepreneurship Programme

This programme is designed to take you from zero to hero but in a systematic way. At the end of this process your business will be fit for funding and you will not only have a clear direction and plan but complete understanding of your own business model, your unique selling point, what you are bringing to market and how to do that by creating a realistic and tailored marketing plan both online and offline.

Because the course is taught by those who are entrepreneurs themselves, who have not only been investors themselves but have also had to put a number of funding plans in front of banks and various investors you will be getting tips directly from the horses’ mouth. We will show you, based on real life experience what works and what does not and why not. More importantly, we will show you why how to write a winning business plan and enable you to learn from what we have done and apply it directly to your own business.

12 Step Signature Entrepreneurship Programme

This step is designed to bring your “light bulb” moment to life by testing its validity and likely success through exploring who wants what you have. Your idea may be new or not so new, could be successful but you need help in identifying who your market is, or you may just want to get some initial insight into whether it will work.

Without taking this step, you will be on a hiding to nothing, regardless of how brilliant or earth-shatteringly new you think your idea is. Don’t delay, test the theory today and if it doesn’t work in its current format, then let’s get it tweaked and working.

  • First Off: What is your concept or idea?
  • Second Off: What is your strategy?
  • Third Off: What is your product/service and what is your competitive edge?

Once you know what your business idea or service is, you need a credible marketing plan which clearly defines who your audience is, how to attract them, retain them, generate repeat business from them and make a profit using your Unique Selling Point. This is a very practical handson approach based on practical marketing ideas based on real business models; we will give you a host of ideas and contacts and things for you to put in place AND MORE IDEAS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT.

Know your Numbers and let them to the talking

There is no point in having a winning business idea without the knowledge of how to manage your budget, increase productivity and ultimately make a living. Regardless of how good you think your plan is you have got to be able to slice through that profit and loss account as if your life depended upon it and understand each and every nuance. The devil, as they say, is ALWAYS in the detail and the rise and fall of most businesses depends strictly upon this, however brilliant your business idea may or may not be.

It is vital too that you understand how a profit and loss account works, the difference between gross and net profit and how a bank will assess a winning business plans and how an investor will do so.

Ignore this at your own peril. We will help you identify which one is right for you and your business. We will teach you how to put the structure together both from a legal and a tax perspective and which best suits your needs; we will take you through the registration formalities with both Companies House, HMRC and ensure that you and how to register your business; we will set out the tax and expenses implications as well as showing you how once one structure need not stay with you forever.

Choosing a name for your business that makes sense and checking its legitimacy (understanding ownership, patents, trademarks), designing a logo, getting a matching domain name (and what a domain is) Do NOT print any stationery until the name is signed, sealed and delivered!

We will take you from hootsuite to toute suite in less than a blink of an eye.

Creating a marketing plan online and offline is vital to the success of any modern business. We will help you understand how it works and how best to use it for your own unique business model. We will help you identify which platform is best suited to your business.

Having a great looking and good quality website no longer needs to cost the earth and we will show you how to build your from scratch. But first we will walk you through the importance of SEO content writing, how it is done and why it is so important, enabling you to either do this yourself or hand it over to someone who can but ensuring that you are always in control. We will then teach you to look at the basic web design and graphics packages.

Yes I know boring, but hey we’ve all got to do it. Registering your business with HMRC (forms that need to be completed), and VAT, opening a business bank account and tax information.

Understand the laws and regulations for your business type, insurance needs, health and safety requirements, permits & licenses required and most importantly HR and employment law legal developments.

Start the way you mean to go on. Put systems in place so that you can hand them over/delegate them effectively as the business grows. Understand when the appropriate point has arrived to delegate to others – a critical point in the growth of any business. Tying your goals into this process is vital, as you will learn to traffic light when certain elements of your plan have either reached their goal, at which point you will know that your plan needs to be amended and you will know when you need to implement scaling obligations.

Do you need funding to start your business? If not, how much money do you need to budget to live on whilst you are in business launch phase. All different types of funding will be looked at charitable funding, public sector funding, social enterprise funding, private sector, bank, angel and individual investor and crow-funding which we treat as a separate topic.

We have invested money our time and energy into businesses and will be here on hand to get you in front of the right audiences to rocket your businesses to super stardom.

You will also learn about the major funding avenues set up by the Government to assist and aid business growth. In simple terms these include SEIS and Tax Credits as well as some of the direct benefits and contacts provided via the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme.

We will teach you how to run an effective, results-driven crowd-funding campaign. We will explore how to position your business proposition to the crowd and the key facets that crowd-funding platforms are looking for when looking to promote a business to its own crowd.

We have in-house experts who will guide you expertly through how this works, how to position yourself and how to build your crowd and following.

We will take you through the steps on how to film a positive crowd-pleasing video designed to best showcase your wares.