The Big Fix What does it take to build an extraordinary business?

Even the most successful entrepreneurs are ordinary people – just like you and me. Sure we have the grit and determination and a passion to make things better, but that is not enough. Every extraordinary business is founded on teamwork – different perspectives, different skills and different experiences are the secret sauce, which is why the BIG Fix is a core part of Love Entrepreneurs. The Big Fix gives you:

Pragmatic and actionable suggestions. Stuck in a rut or lacking inspiration? Fellow business owners lavish a diversity of experience on solving your challenges – not just expert theories, but stuff that actually works.

An onus to implement. Loads of ideas but no time to put them into practice? We have all been there, which is why we ask you to promise to implement 3 of the best ideas and come back the following month to tell us how you got on. Now you won’t let us down will you?

Nonchalant Networking. Hate those pushy networking events where everyone sells? Forget the spammy sales patter. Instead appreciate the depth of insight and kindness of your fellow business owners. After all, the people you refer to reflects on you.

Pitfalls to Sidestep. Seeing another business in the spotlight, provides plenty to learn from their triumphs and travails. Hearing how they solved a familiar challenge or struggled with something you were thinking to trying saves time and frustration.