Any investor interested in joining Love Entrepreneurs will be warmly welcomed. This is a wonderful way for you to get to know the community as well as find out first hand who is seeking investment and inspire those who have creative business ideas and to make contact with other entrepreneurs. In the first instance, please contact Yvonne or Eleri at in order to enable us to work out what you are looking for.

Know what makes a great business

We believe that there are key fundamental areas where businesses need help and are great or poor depending upon how you look at things. We will teach you to analyse and the similarities and show you how regardless of what the business is, the underlying problems and attributes, the good and the bad are the same regardless of how small or how large the company is. It is this curious ability to be able to identify what makes a business good and learn to repeat it and make it happen which will ensure/gurantee success in the future.

Get set for funding; pitch and position your business to investors

Learn what key ingredients investors look for when deciding whether or not to invest. Learn to think like an investor and how to evaluate a sound business/investment proposition. Once you have completed a Get Set For Funding Course – you will never look back.

We welcome investor participation in our funding programmes and we go to considerable lengths to seek them out. We encourage you if you are an investor to join in and to connect interactively with our membership. Speak to our crowd directly.